Make A Referral

Make A Referral

It is easy to refer your child to Early Stages:

  1. You may refer your child by calling the Early Stages Center at 202-698-8037 or sending an email to

  2. You can also submit your referral via our online form below. If you submit a referral through the online system, a staff member will call you by the next business day. During your first conversation, a staff member will ask for some basic information about your child, including some questions about your child’s development.
  3. You can also download and fax a referral form to us at (202) 654-6079. To download the form, click HERE.

    NOTE: if you would like to send additional information about the child you are referring (i.e. evaluation reports, screening results, teacher reports, medical documents, etc.) please email electronic or scanned copies to and include the child's name (first initial & last name) and Date of Birth in the subject line.

    Another person who knows your child (such as a day care provider, doctor or family member) may also refer him/her through phone, fax or online. While we appreciate referrals from any party, an evaluation will not begin without the parent or guardian’s approval.

  4. If your child is under 3 years old and is already involved in a special education program for infants and toddlers (Strong Start/DC Early Intervention), your case manager will refer your child for testing if needed.

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